ICD-10 Assessment

Diagnosis Codes Assessment

  1. Run a report of your top 10 (most-used) ICD-10 codes.
  2. Run a report showing patients for whom these codes have been assigned in the past 6 months.
  3. Pull documentation for 10 patients for each code for a total of 100 records to see if documentation is sufficient for the level of specificity required by ICD-10 coding.

Using your documentation, can an ICD-10 code with the correct level of specificity be assigned? If not, this gives you your starting place for a plan and for training.

Damage can be done to your practice long term if medical coding is not accurate. Denials could ensue and your revenue stream could be disrupted.

Incorrect medical coding results in a loss of productivity and an increase in claims denials, negatively impacting your cash flow and accounts eceivable.

Correct coding allows for immediate adjudication of claims and speedy payment.

For help with ICD-10 codes, give the AAPC Code Translator a try here.  To let us do the work for you, in Denver or anywhere nationwide, click here.

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