Medical Coding, Billing, and Collections

Did you know that nearly 1/3 of physician revenue now comes directly from patients?  As insurance companies seek to control their costs, this percentage is expected to rise – making a good billing team more important to you than ever.  A good billing team will help ensure full payment from both insurance companies and patients.
Banner Healthcare Solutions located in Denver, provides services nationwide to improve the medical coding, billing and collections process and tightens the revenue cycle. To ensure you are paid properly and quickly, we take the following steps:
  • Communicate and collaborate with your staff. 
  • Evaluate internal controls. 
  • Implement charge capture measures.
  • Review claims before submission to ensure services provided are documented and coded properly.
  • Resolve denials.
Our solutions for medical coding, billing and collections streamline processes, shorten the revenue cycle, improve cash flow, increase compliance, shrink accounts receivable, and boost profitability.